Withdraw ‘Offers’ Given To WTO In Higher Education
(Signature Campaign By All India Forum For Right To Education)

We the undersigned urge upon the Central Government to withdraw the ‘offers in Market Access’ given to WTO in higher Education sector immediately. If the ‘offers’ are not withdrawn immediately, they would become irrevocable ‘commitments’ on the part of the Nation. Committing market access to WTO  in education means i) agreeing to treat education as a commodity on par with any commodity in the market, ii) agreeing to allow all 160 member countries of WTO to indulge in trade in education in India at a single stroke and 3) to agreeing to the regime of trade rules so formulated by WTO in education sector. This will lead, we are convinced, to not only to the denial of education to the poor and disadvantaged but also lead to deceiving of students and exploiting of teachers in so created global market.  Further, globalization of education would lead to the degradation of the very purpose, course content and research in higher education to suit to the needs of corporate world while repudiating the role of education as one of enlightening, empowering and transforming process which is required to build citizenry with self dignity on the values of democracy, plurality, social justice, secularism and socialism as enshrined in the constitution of India and to protect its sovereignty.